Street Photography – ” Wrinkles of Hardships”

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Dubai | June | 2011

Here’s my first ever blog, hope you like it.

Someone Wisely Said,

“Most things in life are moments of pleasure and a lifetime of embarrassment…Photography is a moment of embarrassment and a lifetime of pleasure.”

Above said phrase holds absolutely true for street photography as it can be embarrassing at times, especially when you approach to click random people – sometimes with their knowledge and sometimes candid.

Streets have an appeal of their own, whether it is a Modern Cosmo Street with people in all their glory or a laid back street with people struggling for their existence. The latter is the one which attracts me the most as it actually portrays the “Life of Majority” who are nothing less than absolutely ignored. 

Portrait of a Municipality worker during his Break day…its these people who keep our city clean…did we ever thank them !!! 

It gives me immense satisfaction when I approach these people for a photograph as this brings a smile on their face, and these smiles bring in the wrinkles of hardships over their tired faces which in itself conveys the story of theirs. These smiles just seem to say “hey look, I exist “

An ever-smiling waiter of a small restaurant…he served me tea I had ordered and then,on request,  he didn’t shy away from a portrait…

I do make it a point sometimes to make sure I deliver them the prints of their pictures in a day or two and these small moments actually make photography a fulfilling experience for me. 

An Iranian fisherman who agreed for a portrait in exchange for a print of it, very next day I did deliver him a print as he was returning back home on ship in 2 days

You also get to know a lot of interesting stories from these people and learn from them that “No matter how hard life is, you just got to keep going” .

An Irani Sailor on Dubai Creek…says he’s been working and travelling on Dhows since he was 12 years old…and would continue to work on it till his last breath…was amazed with his love for his profession

People we meet on streets may be from various countries and hence there will be a communication gap while having a conversation with them, but sometimes eyes do the talking and all the pain of theirs is conveyed through it. 

Pakistani Carpenter i met on a early morning street walk, he redefined optimism to me…despite having nothing after 23 yrs in Dubai , he still was confident he would make it big here someday…it was a brief chat but he really had that positive energy in him…

and sometimes you end up in some funny moments and comments as shown below, doesn’t mean they have no worries, its just that they cope with it and keep it simple. something we all have to learn.

A Pakistani truck driver in industrial area of Sharjah, asked me to mail the print to him and I did. 

A Carefree Attitude ! …if only everyone was this carefree to pose…

A Pakistani Pathan with only a simple request “take my picture if you are going to load it on youtube”…may be he meant Facebook…

Camera shy Fisherman…took me some convincing to get this shot…

All in all, Street photography is not RANDOM clicking like many interpret, if u got an eye for Streets, you end up getting the most thought provoking and brilliant story telling pictures which you would remember for life.

Hope you enjoyed reading the blog as much as I enjoyed writing it, because always wanted to elaborate the story behind each picture I took but never had an opportunity and I guess now I found a platform for it.

Happy Clicking  



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32 Responses to Street Photography – ” Wrinkles of Hardships”

  1. Archie says:

    Your work is always fascinating subodh. Well i am never good at potraits, but yes i do understand facial expressions. Your work is speechless, may it be potraits, macro, landscape or just abstract. They are inspiring to the upcoming pro’s (probably like me). Keep the good work, waiting to read and see more. God bless! ❤

  2. Chithra Unni says:

    Good start… 🙂 keep writing, keep clickin.. cheers!

  3. Awesome work Subodh!! I loved reading your blog, the stories behind your shots and the people in it. Loved the way you wrote your blog and the way you have shown it here.

    Keep up the good work mate!!

  4. Really Happy to see your comment Archie…Dhruv….Chitz…means a world to me..thank you …:)

  5. Adam Backer says:

    Dear Subodh, you have very good writer hidden in you. Well done!! really feel very happy for the launch of your first article. I like the way you present things from your heart, hoping to read more of your articles. Keep going. Congrats !!!

  6. Great Start All The Very Best>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  7. Thank U Adam…who else is an inspiration behind it other than “U”…thanks for always being there as an inspiration

  8. The words that describe where your journey has taken you is indeed as intense as the photograph itself … each adding its own characteristic to the passage. Beautifully sculpted page and the photographs for me is the icing on the cake : ) great work Subodh !

  9. Thank u Jasim….and thnk U so very much Anamika…glad to see u all here…n glad to see appreciation for a blog which took almost 6 months to take off…coz i doubted my writing abilities…good to see it this way arnd now…:)

  10. Rajendra Parab says:

    Hey Dear.
    You may find many caring Birds, Trees, Street Dogs, Nature aur na jane Kya Kya……..! But, you have captured Human Values which hv been neglected around us. Your point of view towards such Values is “Kabil-e-Tarif”.

    Thanks a lot for making few moments of my life amazed.

  11. Hey Parab,

    your Kabil-e-Tarif really means a lot for me…thank you so very much for the kind words…

  12. Neer says:

    this is gr8 effort ….i wish u all d best subodh …..keep going ….let the juices of ur photography flow 😉

  13. Thnks Neer…means a lot…:)

  14. I am So Glad you honored me to share this lovely takes… Feels a bless , a lot to learn from You… A great. work Wise words Nicely done with good heart… Very Well done Subodh…. Its Awesome especially liked the one which said to you please mail it to me.. ..its advanced now…! Cheers…

  15. thnks karish for ur kind words …:)

  16. Dhiren says:

    ahan nice one brothaaa hatsoff……….

  17. sanja macdonald says:

    superb….u have found ur niche…street fotografy…u rock in it

  18. Raksha Shetty says:

    Immense Effort!
    Very captivating from the first word till the last!!
    Way to go Subodh!!
    And yes,awesome clicks too! 😀

  19. Praneeta says:

    Subodh… Gosh!! I absolutely L-O-V-E the way you write. Your captions, and now your writing is always a pleasure to read and your shots are a treat to the eyes 😀 . And this start is awesome. Wish ya all the best… Keep writing.. U definitely have a fan in me…

    Cheers!! 😀

  20. Gaya3 says:

    That’s a great start Subodh 🙂 That was a beautiful write up….. Looking forward for more 🙂 Wishing you all laurels in the long journey 🙂

  21. Pankaj Solanki says:

    Good one dude!!!!

  22. Thank U Sanja…Raksha…Praneeta…Gaya3…Pankaj…thats reallly encouraging…Thank you so much 🙂

  23. Shikha Varma says:

    Keep breathing the pixels….it imparts life ‘n’ soul to the frames…:))

  24. Shubd says:

    Great write up ! It always adds so much more when the moment frozen before you has been described in greater detail .
    Great photography as usual !

  25. rachana says:

    wow.. very well written… as always i say, take up photography as ur profession bro.. u ll be the ur own master that way :):) hope to see more and more posts from u..

  26. Great work Suboth, as everything you do. Congrats!

  27. Thank you RAchana…Marcela…Shubd…Shikha….sure there will be more and more blogs on its way…

  28. Please Subscribe to this blog for regular updates….

  29. noushad k valiyamannil says:

    perfect start!keep going!

  30. vishalt says:

    dude..watermark you work…

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