Palace of the Invisibles

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Ever fancied being in a haunted place ! If yes, then this blog would serve your interest. 

So called “Horror Movies” just don’t seem to scare me anymore,may be an overdose of them has made me immune to it.This made me search over the internet for various haunted locations across the UAE. Should be surprising to many who view UAE as an Ultra-Modern Country with riches all over the place, but UAE has a side less known to many. It serves the hunger of Ghost Hunters/Photographers by providing us with some of the most creepiest places you could ever imagine. Already have blogged on “Ghost Village” which is now a place less haunted by ghosts and more by photographers. On any given weekend you would find a set of photographers wandering around the place looking for ghosts/frames. Ghost Village just turned out to be like a Horror movie which fails to scare anymore. So it was high time to look for something new. 

My friend AJ came across an article on national newspaper about a haunted mansion. It was a palace built 22 yrs before at an estimated cost of 136 Million USD and vacated within days of inauguration because of paranormal activities.That’s the legend and we convinced ourselves that it was true. There was no second thoughts about whether to get there or not, it was an instantaneous “YES” from my side and drove 100kms late night with my friend to the palace. But for our surprise, there was a guard at the gate of the palace !!! For a moment we doubted if he was a ghost 😉 but he wasn’t.  It was 3am and we were desperate to get in but all our pleading, for permission to get in just didn’t seem to convince the guard who kept repeating “Andar Jinn hai, andar jinn hai”. Jinn is an Islamic term for spirits and he believed palace has too many evil spirits and isnt safe to enter at night. Shattered but determined to get in, we convinced him to let us in just as the day breaks and he agreed to it.(no points for guessing how he agreed to let us in :))

First Glimpse of the Haunted Palace during break of dawn. Rays of sun just seemed to add to the drama.

Finally we were allowed to enter the palace with a 20 minutes time limit. It was almost a race against time, considering the size of the mansion. We had a grand welcome at the basement with words “Go Go” written in blood red ( paint ofcourse! ) 

Just as we were getting set, a funny yet strange incident occurs. A Blackberry App called ‘Screen Muncher’ which kind of makes creepy munching sounds goes crazy and starts munching on its own. PS : Blackberry was locked and further secured in the pouch. Sudden burst of this sound made us skip a heartbeat for sure but we decided to laugh off the incident and proceed. As we went further in, we had to pass through surprisingly narrow staircase which justified the haunted image of the mansion.

The Majestic hall, almost gives a clear impression on where all that money has gone. 

Play of light, early morning light gives a new dimension to the picture.

Turned out to be one of the best clicks of the day.

That lady was charming but I was okey with her staying in the frame.

More of creepy staircases leads to more of majestic halls and even more rooms.

No wonder ghosts here live life king size, atleast better than most expats in uae.

Wasn’t keen on peeping in…There were many doors which were locked, what lies beneath is a mystery.

Only room which was considerably cold compared to burning hot palace.

Weird structure which supposedly helps in scattering the light to floors below, quiet innovative.

more of morning rays 

Few more of those royal rooms

The Top most Roof with all the 12 Zodiac signs inscribed on it.

At the top…had a great view of the surrounding mountains.

Hunting the Haunted…sounds good but there really wasn’t many incidents to back that claim.

Finally after a tiring sprint across 4 floors, it was time to say goodbye to this beautiful yet cranky place.

May be because we were there just around sunrise, we didn’t really have the kind of adrenaline rush we expected. Nevertheless we were happy with the clicks we came back with. Just before returning we struck a deal with the guard for a over night stay at the palace. Hopefully, it would be a video session then rather than pictures.

As we returned back we just had one question in our mind, “We didn’t see them, but did they see us?” 500 million Dhms worth of mansion being vacated in a weeks time isn’t a joke anyway. Some things are better left unanswered.

Anyways hope you enjoyed reading the blog as much as I enjoyed writing it. 


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5 Responses to Palace of the Invisibles

  1. Adam Backer says:

    Well said Subodh, I am sure in the whole of UAE you will the first one to blog about this palace. So you are the pioneer, setting the history. We all are proud of you.

  2. Thats good to hear Adam…n hopefully yeah…. atleast in our Indian community of photographers that might hold true…:)

  3. ajay goel says:

    Subodh, this is very very good!! You are multi talented (i.e. you have your way with words as well)!!

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