“Third Eye” – Street Photography Virtual Tour

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As promised on the last blog, here is the video compilation of how I shoot – as I shoot, when I approach people on streets. It scares a lot of people to approach complete strangers for a portrait, this video just proves how simple it actually is. Just talk anything and everything, initiate a chat and you are in for a treat.

Hope this encourages atleast few of you fellow photographers to shoot more of street photography 🙂

Regarding the title, I beleive first eye is the eye of the photographer which finds the subject for the shot, second eye is the camera which freezes the moment with blink of the shutter and Third Eye in this case is the Pentax Optio WG1 which recorded the whole event.

The photowalk was done in busiest streets of Rolla Sharjah, the old market area, which is an absolute contrast to glittering Dubai, in simple it is the capital of street photography, glad to have explored this area.

Special thanks to Adam Backer and OldFashioned Aj for joining me on this walk and thanks to AJ for the Pentax camera to record the event (I fell in love with this cam and got one myself the next day)

Overall had a lot of fun experimenting with this new idea and hope it was inspirational to at least a few of you to shoot more of streets. Believe me, Streets help you in developing two most important elements of photography – “Eye of an Eagle and Patience of a Saint” 

Happy “Street” Clicking 🙂


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3 Responses to “Third Eye” – Street Photography Virtual Tour

  1. a guide to street photography in the UAE. Great work. Subodh and team.

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