‘Photowalk with David Burnett’

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Its said “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Not sure what the future holds, but yes I am a dreamer and dreams do come true if you believe in them. 

As a photographer, its streets and people photography that attracts me the most. Photojournalism has always attracted me and I always focused on creating such images. One of the best ways to pursue photography as a passion is to look for inspirational photographers and idolize them. My list was pretty simple and straight – Steve McCurryDavid BurnettHCB to name a few. Steve McCurry and David Burnett – these two names were always on top of the list. Always had a dream to meet them someday, may be shake hands with them, have a word or two beyond just ‘Hi and Hello’. Would that dream ever come true ? – I had no answer to it, but I just kept wishing for that day and kept dreaming.

I consider myself lucky to be residing in Dubai, it sure is a ‘Centre of Now’. All the big names in any given field visits this place at some point of time in their life and this very fact kept me reassured that these legends I was dreaming to meet would someday make it here.

Steve McCurry visited Dubai in Dec 2012 and I wasn’t too thrilled about it – reason being, I was flying to Istanbul on the very same day he was landing in Dubai. So close yet so far kind of situation. But I am optimistic about meeting him some day and that day shall come 😉 ( UPDATE : I met Steve McCurry at the 2014 HIPA awards in Dubai – Voila )

Meeting David Burnett – Gulf Photo Plus is a blessing for photographers across the globe. The best photographers from all different genres from across the globe meet at GPP annual event. GPP 2013 had very lavish names attached to it, from GPP regulars like Joe McNallyDavid HobbyZack Arias to  to some legendary photographers like Greg Heisler, David BurnettDavid Alan Harvey and more. Its a great meeting point for passionate photographers to mingle with world reknown photographers and learn a thing or two from the masters. 


GPP hosts week long activities ranging from workshops to photowalks with the masters. I grabbed this opportunity to photowalk with the legendary David Burnett ( I missed this opportunity in GPP 2012). The feeling was overwhelming. The photowalk wasn’t about petty talks like which camera is better or what lens to use, it was more about knowing the legend upclose and having the freedom to ask him questions you always wished to ask. It was sheer pleasure listening to David talk of all those years of experiences ranging from his coverage of Vietnam War to Iran revolution, from Olympics to his national geographic projects ( Some unreleased footage sneak peak) and more. Every photograph has a story and David is indeed a great story teller. It truly was a memorable walk (and talk) and yes, it was a ‘Dream Come True’. 

Here is a video compilation of few of the photographs I took during the photowalk. Make sure to watch it in 1080p HD. 

Now its time to wait for David Burnett to get back to GPP 2014 and hopefully have one more eventful  photowalk with the legend.

And ofcourse wait for Steve McCurry 🙂

PS : All the photographs were taken with Fuji X-E1. Yes I do brag about this camera a lot and believe me ‘I’m just getting started’ 😉 It truly is a poor mans Leica and the photographs shot with this beauty backs my claims. If you haven’t got your Fuji yet – Go-Get-One. (You don’t have to sell your kidney for it, fortunately!) 

For now, let me grab another tea and start working on my next blog

Happy Clicking and Keep Dreaming 🙂





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